Seduce your vision.

ReWild your soul, Rewire your courage, and step into
your rebellious
embodied leadership. 

Discover your potent Goddess Archetype and the unique energetic blueprint that will take you from longing to living FULL OUT

YOU are the magic. YOU are the spark that will set the world ablaze. 

Let’s ignite YOUR fire, babe!

You have the vision. You have the creative drive. You have the most glorious motherfucking potential.

But connecting the dots from desiring it to doing it (and having it and holding it) is where things get sticky.

You know you’re made to expand and step into deeper expressions of leadership and impact.

You can feel the longings of your soul and the magnitude of your potential so strongly it almost hurts.

But there are rough edges, paralyzing uncertainties, and hazy shadows keeping you from leaping and bounding.

They come in waves: starting and stopping, self-sabotage, the mind-fucks, those bratty voices in your head…

The truth is, deepening and rising into your embodied leadership is as disorienting as it is magical. It requires you to both unravel and re-weave the fabric of your being.

And this is where you’re stuck.

You’re committed AF, but you’re feeling maxed out.

You know that energy is everything, but sustaining the energy is hard.

And look, you’ve done the mindset work. You’ve got the vision board and the affirmations to boot.
Rationally, you know your limiting thoughts and how to shift them — at the mind level…

TRUTH BOMB: You can’t think your way to results; you’ve gotta FEEL it.

So that each of your cells screams “YES” and the core of your being is like, “I FUCKING GOT THIS!!”?

Truly. Madly. Deeply.

“Doing” mindset is not the same as EMBODYING mindset.

Manifesting is not the same as ACTUALIZING.

Because when you suppress anything, you suppress everything.

But when you learn to alchemize your emotions and to expand your energetic capacity, your next level evolution is inevitable.

The fears that are creeping in? The doubts that are keeping you small?
We get to enlist them.

What if you were to flirt with that fear and let it fuel you?

What if you were to give yourself alllll the permission and zero the fucks?

What if you allowed yourself to take    up     space and be fully and freely expressed?

What if you could stretch and rub upon your edges in a way that terrifies your mind, stirs your soul, and turns you the fuck on?

Hey Gorgeous…

I’m Dana Inouye, Mother of 4 and Empowerment Coach for heart-centered coaches, rebellious leaders, and wildly creative visionaries.

I help you connect to the bolder part inside of you, so you can show up bigger and magnetize the life you desire with more turn-on and less struggle.

I help you move towards your vision in a way that stretches you gently, emboldens you fiercely, makes your heart flutter and allows for ALL of your messy human parts.

Together, we’ll tap into your most authentic energies by inviting allll your parts to the table. Your fear, your doubt, your grief, your anger, get to mingle with your turn-on, your bliss, your pleasure.

It’s a scrumptious smorgasbord where duality and paradox are stoked, turn-on vibrates, and re-energized wonder sparkles; where we work with all your energy so that you can process it at rapid speed and harness it as the fuel that will launch you to your next level of purpose, passion, and possibility.

Which next level do
you want to


1:1 Coaching

A 3-6 month journey for the visionary. Shimmy into your embodied creative leadership and dance towards your sexy vision feeling fully TURNED ON.

Private vip retreat

A full day in-person embodied initiation into your epically expressed self in luxurious and lush surroundings. This sumptuous immersion will change you forever.

The mastermind

An intimate 4-month journey to self-actualization, where we fully explore and embody the Goddess Archetypes that chart your pathway to abundance from within.


This 90-minute intensive goes deep: fast. We will uncover and release the key dynamics holding you back from fully leaning into your vision and awaken your inner wild.

kind words from clients

"You will never be the same in the best way possible!"

If you’re looking to POWER UP your life, your inner game, your relationships… Dana Inouye is such an inspiration and delight!

– Kayla Rose Yoder, Shamanic Priestess + Women’s Wellness Coach

"Dana's method was ground-breaking!"

Dana is a rare coach who uses her somatic knowledge to help women embody new beliefs. She worked with me to begin to dissolve beliefs of success and failure and to express my inner light in the world.

And she did this by creating an environment where one feels safe to express oneself through movement, imagery, music, and dance. 

"A deep soul thank you from me!"

Dana brings a huge amount of skill, energy, and ability to delve deep. Just wow!

"I'm still flying high from just one session with Dana!"

I feel centered and on fire with allowing myself to discover who I am, to play, to enjoy, and to relax inside, and feeling complete, which is truly the highest gift someone could give me.

– Maura Lynn Muhl

"Dana has the ability to work with people in three ways simultaneously. Heart-listener. Healer. Unfolder. "

1. She coaches as if a friend and listens in order to understand your heart. 2. She works as a feminine healer, coaxing you into release through somatic methods. 3. She works as a delicate-unfolder who believes in your potential and works to let the seedling take growth.

– Jedda Bradley

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Words I live by:

Are you living poetically?

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

I AM becoming the person I am meant to be.

…If not now, when?

It’s your time to feel…

Embodied. Emboldened. Empowered.