Create success
BECAUSE you’re a MOM,
not in spite of it!

You’ve got your WHY (those smooshy squish-faces)

You’ve got your MISSION (change the mother-freaking world)

It’s time to find your flow

I see you, mama.


Feeling guilty for missing out on precious moments with your kids because you’re bent on growing your business?

Feeling guilty for not working on your business because, well… kids!

The juggle is real!


And let’s be honest: the constant pull between our varying identities is not helping our business or our relationship with our kids.

The truth is… the unrelenting tug between motherhood and entrepreneurship can make us feel heavy, tight, constrained —



Like we’re controlled by a situation over which we are desperate to assert control.

Well I’m here to tell you: there is a better way. An easier way.

There is always a better, easier, FUNNER* way.

Hi! I’m Dana

Mindset empowerment coach for purpose-driven, big-hearted boss-moms who are ready to have (their unique version of) IT ALL.

I help busy moms who are going crazy trying to keep all the balls in the air grow their business and delight in motherhood from an expansive place of alignment, ease, and excitement (minus some heavy-ass balls).

Basically, I help moms with big aspirations do the hard thing – with a measure of ease and joy.

My work stems from the hard-earned belief that motherhood and entrepreneurship can inform and bolster one another  — must inform and bolster one another — to create more precious mom-moments and more business growth.


Simply put, I help moms juggling kids and biz, manage their energy,
stand in their boss-mom power, and find their flow, so that they can show up more FULLY to slay their biz baby and snuggle their human ones.

Are you ready to…
ROCK your biz and DANCE your way
through motherhood?

How can I help you?

Private 1:1 Coaching

Shift your beliefs and step into
your #unstoppable power AND presence


A time out from your daily routine
to call in your wants and desires

What they said…

“AMAZING! I always wanted to believe I was doing the right thing (as a mom and CEO) but deep down it wasn’t really gelling because something felt off. Now I get it … and just like that my toddler AND business have shifted, 100% for the better!”

— Jenna Harrison, Business Coach

Mompreneur Musings

Juggling babies and business comes with its share of trials and triumphs, and a host of lessons learned.

Here are my unfiltered honest, heartfelt, mini-mompreneur musings – where I invite you in on my journey and share my trials, my triumphs, and most importantly, my lessons.

They are designed to uplift, to make you reflect, to motivate action, and to inspire grace.

Enjoy – and keep on keeping on your journey! You got this mama!

It’s time to show up for your business without sacrificing your family
or your sanity.

Lean In Mama

Join our band of brave bold badass mamas juggling mamahood and business just like you!

Ready to make a change? I got you!