You’ve got (big) dreams. 

You’ve got (little) people.

It’s time to step into your (best) BOSSED-MOM-LIFE!

The mompreneur juggle is REAL.

As a mom and an entrepreneur, you are in a class of your own:


Dedicated, Purposeful, Passionate

Distracted, guilty, resentful

Torn in a freaking tug-a-war

Doing all the things yet feeling like you’re getting nothing done…

Trying to maintain some semblance of control (who are we kidding!) while the inmates are running the asylum.

Collapsing at the end of the day – exhausted yet restless.

Mom-life can feel like a Sisyphean journey.

And the mental and emotional charge of motherhood is a mother-load.

Add to this the fact that you have yet another “baby” – your work, your passion project, your creative mission (and you thought I was gonna say husband!)

You sometimes think things would be so much easier if you weren’t so committed to making a huge fucking impact in your business, but the fact is, you are unapologetically committed to being the boss-mom you know you were born to be.

Your business is a “baby” that demands attention in a different way. But it remains hungry, restless, and longing for some quality 1:1 time.

What’s more – this baby? Oh it requires a whole other level of presence.

Leaning into the snuggles with your (little) people may not always be on your energetic radar, but it’s easy (and always worthwhile btw).

But coming up against the doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs that keep you from staying motivated and showing up confidently and powerfully to do the thing you know you’re meant to do – and to do that thing with ease and still have energy for snuggles at the end of the day – no small feat.

I see you Mama:

You’ve got big exciting goals for your business – but you feel like you’ve lost control of your time and energy and end up feeling distracted, resentful, and guilty for not being more present with your kids (and not spending more time in your biz)

You’re afraid your success might need to come at the expense of your relationships and your health.

You’re constantly pulled in different directions and feel like you’re not showing up FULLY – in your motherhood and in your business.

I get it. It’s a lot.

Here’s what I know:

Just when I think everything’s under control, something will break loose.

(But also this: just when I think they’ll break me, they restore me.)

Let’s face it — entrepreneurs who are also moms are in a class of their own.


We’re expected to work as if we don’t have kids

And to mother as if we don’t work

F that

(I’ll be real, all my best practices started with an epic motherfucking rant!!)

Seriously though, as moms, we are caught in the acrobatics of supreme jugglers, and let me tell you — keeping all the balls in the air is NOT the endgame.

Look, I’ve been there…

Doing the naptime hustle. Getting interrupted on client calls. Thinking I don’t have time for a shower. Not getting up to go pee when I finally get some uninterrupted time to work.

Heck I’m still there, much of the time.

But, with a sh*t-ton of mindset work (+ a little poetry and a helluva lot of sashaying!), I’ve mastered the power of reframing my thoughts:

– so that I can find joy and expansion in the (im)balance

– so that I can stay in the game

– so that I can show up magnetically for my people (online and off)

– so that – when it rears its weasely head – I can work with the fear to let it fuel and move me forward.

– so that I can surrender and receive

– so that I can SHOW the F up – fully – for myself, my kids, and my biz-baby and feel WHOLE.

But the problem is – most business mindset advice falls short
when it comes to moms.

It implies:

– your time is yours (hmph)

– your time is uninterrupted (argh)

– you’re well rested (HA!!)


This is why the work that I do is different.

I believe that we can light up the world without burning out along the way.

I believe that business growth is optimized when we are in a space of ease, not hustle. 

I believe in unity, not fragmentation:

I believe that mindset must be embodied.

I believe that becoming intentional about our time and energy is the #1 predictor of business growth AND the #1 way to savor and truly enjoy motherhood.

I believe that oppositions are designed to be reconciled.

I believe that expansiveness and joy are inevitable when our values and our season come together to create a new story.

I believe that feeling deeply is the through line; that activating our feelings and igniting our inner fire is the magic-sauce that will up-level our business and our lives.

Hi I’m Dana Inouye, mother of four, writer, speaker, mindset empowerment coach.

Early on in my parenting journey, I thought a lot about the things I wanted to teach my kids. And then I got side-swept by the things they had to teach me.

When my two (now older) kids were toddlers, I started writing a “momoir” with the purposeful intent of keeping it real: not shying away from the messy, the noisy, the crazy was my snarky response to all the picture-perfect parenting bloggers out there.

But in the process of “processing”, something remarkable happened: by leaning into the mess, I found myself landing on the magic.


When my younger two came along, I decided I wanted to start a business: with no child-care, no experience, no team, (but a whole lotta determination).

The fears, the doubts, the limiting beliefs – they were pretty damn big. The only thing bigger was the mindset work I committed to – day in and day out.


And somewhere in the midst of the juggle, I realized this:

The lessons that were emerging from my entrepreneurial endeavors were transforming the way I was connecting with my kids

Paying attention to my kids and musing on their distinctive patterns was informing and enhancing my approach to my business.


This realization changed everything.

When I began to let one piece of my identity inform and bolster the other, I found wholeness, joy, ease, and an incredible sense of power. 

It’s about folding our business into our messy mom-lives, about reimagining motherhood, reframing entrepreneurship, about merging the spiritual, the tactical, the foolish, and the beautiful.

Finding ease and joy (in work and motherhood) – this is the magic sauce that will make you unstoppable.

I’m here to help you get what you want without sacrificing what matters most.

I teach the mindset, tools, and strategies, to help you get out of your own way (#unstoppable), to do the hard thing with ease, and to create the choices that will expand your impact, your income, and your joy,
while honoring your time, lifestyle, and family; and I serve it up with heaping dollops of humor, compassion, some kickass dance moves, and the strategically placed F bomb.

Your big (business) dreams and your little (squishy) people:

There’s room for both.

Solid business growth and playful family life:

They are closer and more connected than you know.

We just need to connect the dots so that you can…


Recover control


Reclaim your freedom


Re-conceptualize your time


Reimagine motherhood


Reinvent yourself


And revitalize your business


…from a place of connection, abundance, and ease

Getting ahead faster requires that we slow down

(And embrace the paradox)

If you’re ready to build a life that will build a better business –

To ditch busy for full

To get ahead by coming alive


Let’s talk, Mama. 

Still with me? 

Get to know me better with 11 totally unrelated TMI facts:

  • I was born in Tel-Aviv. I grew up in Canada. I reside in the US. I navigate a hyphenated identity but my soul lives there, on the shores of the Mediterranean.
  • I love to cry. It makes my kids laugh. Songs, TV shows, movies, books. If it doesn’t give me that achy tug and leave my face beautifully and dewy and flushed, it falls short. #emotionalaf
  • When I put the clean laundry away, I always have to put the freshly folded pile UNDERneath the pile that’s already in the drawer. It wouldn’t be fair to the clothes that are already in there ya know. #controlfreak
  • I like a little bit of coffee (like barely a ¼ shot) with my milk and sugar (ya I’m pretty much a heretic by PDX standards)
  • I was a hard-core RENT head. I saw it when it first opened in 1996 in Boston (2x) then in New York, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. In 2010, I took to the stage and performed in RENT at Venice Theatre in Florida. Standing on stage belting Seasons of Love = ALL THE FEELS
  • I’m a sucker for poetry. There is something stirring about words strung together, evoking impressions that can be shaped by interpretation. (When my middle-schooler was reading The Outsiders, I’d repeatedly sigh wistfully “nothing gold can stay”. He’d roll his eyes, but I know he gets it.)
  • I am the motherfucking queen of epic kitchen dance parties. I have never set foot in a gym. But when the jams are pumping, I am popping.
  • I love peanut butter flavored anything but don’t like peanut butter straight up.
  • Motherhood changed me in a way I never expected. I delight in spinning poetry from the mess and musing on sh*t I learn from my kids.
  • Reframes are my motherfucking jam. The way I see it, there’s responsive thinking and there’s creative thinking. I like to get creative!
  • Oh — I have 4 kids! So yeah my hands are full… of blessings (see what I did there!)