This is where you ignite your inner spark…

And set the world on freaking fire

You’re being called to show up BIGGER, but you’re burning out.

You’re full of energy, but you’re not reaching the finish line and it’s so disheartening.

You’re craving to do the thing, but with every step you take comes a wave of resistance.

You have magical magnetism waiting to explode with impact and influence to last a lifetime,

And the time is now to unleash your most potent, emboldened, and creative self.

You’ve come to the right place, Gorgeous.

I’ll show you how to get OUT of your mind and into your LIFE!!

Hey, I’m Dana

I’m here to help you get what you want most in life without sacrificing what matters most to you.

When my 2 older kids were toddlers, I started writing a “Momior” with the purposeful intent of keeping it real. I wasn’t buying the glossy grinning faces I saw in every blog post.

And in the process of “processing”, something remarkable happened: by leaning into the mess I found myself landing on the magic. Time and time again.

And it’s what I’ve been able to do with ALL of my clients:

Lean into the mess of the vastness of our humanity… and land on the magic, the “wildly you”, the divine.

You see, the women I work with are business owners, creatives and mothers. They had ‘done the work,’ but something was holding them back from embracing their true selves, and they got used to settling for less than they deserved, even though they knew they wanted more. Together we broke the cycle.

I help you break free from what’s holding you back.

You’re brave, you’re committed, you’re creative.

You know what you want. 

And you’re done with it feeling so fucking “hard’ to get there.

Let me help you fast track.

The answer isn’t more ‘doing.’

And this is where I get to work my magic with you.

First, you have to uncover the emotions you might be hiding.

The world doesn’t want perfect. It wants you fully expressed.

Behind the scenes, I help you unlock the emotions that are running the show so that you can remove the shadows behind the stories (we all have them) and harness those very emotions as the fuel that will charge your vision and bring the power back into YOUR hands.

"You taught me to find and embrace the fire, and to figure out how to channel it into something useful, freeing, and joyful."

– April Bamburg

"Dana has the depth, authenticity, and power to bring out transformation in others that is rarely seen in coaches."

You keep bringing us back to deeper powers within, reminding us they are within. Bringing the body to be part of the process, to be listened to, to be moved.

"I am a different person!"

Dana, I wanted to thank you profoundly; you have created something so meaningful and valuable.

– Lisa Simpkin, Teacher

"I'm not the same person that I was when we first started working together."

Dana, you are a magical human being. And I can’t put into words how truly special it is that you work with and guide people through shifts like that.

– Lisa Simpkin, Teacher

When I started coaching, mindset was the key modality for getting out of your own way, and “high vibes” were touted as the key to manifestation.

I was a boss at reframing beliefs and rewriting narratives. And yet, every time I’d rub against the rough edges of my own growth, I realized, I couldn’t mindset myself out of the mindfuck. I couldn’t think my way to results, I had to FEEL it, in my body.

If you’re here, I know you feel this way, too.

I committed to shifting the paradigms, merging approaches, exuberantly embracing paradox, and premising WHOLENESS above all.

And THIS is when everything started to change. When I gave the beliefs a place to land in the body, my emotional channel was charged.

You know those full-bodied- heart–space moments? — 

  • Dancing wildly
  • Sobbing feverishly
  • Howling flagrantly
  • Exhaling tenderly

THESE are the key to thriving, beyond surviving. 

The raw-ness that opens up when you crack open to your heartfelt emotions creates the space that ushers in an equally raw and potent alchemical energy: emboldened courage, grounded power, heart-blasting tenderness.

Your most powerful transformation is just on the other side of FEELING DEEPLY. 

My question is…
why are we not accessing it BY DESIGN?

When women give permission for their sacred rage, their grief, their fear… and awaken their sensual, their wild, their primal… they tap into the freedom, abundance, and impact that comes from being aligned, self-sourced, capacious, and full of joy.

The shifts that truly madly deeply change and up-level you at an identity level —

They don’t ask you to abandon everything and become a “new” person.

They ask you to rouse, reclaim, and relish, who you are at your core.

And to come fully and freely alive: through poetry, through eros, through spirit:

Through the inhale of the sensory minutiae that is the poetry of our lives, 

Through the roar of the magnetic energy that is fueled by our eros, 

Through the exhale that invites the spirit of co-creation.  

Through the 3 Goddess Archetypes that form the blueprint for our embodied leadership, inviting us to notice the poetry, to blaze through the fire, to yield to the otherworldly.


Poetry. Eros. Spirit. 

Pleasure. Power. Possibility. 

In my world, we play with it all: Mindshift. Embodiment. Emotional alchemy. Archetypes. (Alliteration, haha!) 

There is no single cookie-cutter formula. 

We thrive at the intersection of wholeness and peculiarity; of intimacy and visibility; of internal rebirth and external emergence; of what is and what might be.

Hand in hand, I help you bridge the gaps from longing to LIVING.

The emergence is the sensually awakened woman who feels deeply and lives fully into her boldest dreams. 

The one who owns her Truth and embodies her Power.

The one who is roused by her humanity and her divinity,  and is stirred to aligned action because of all her stuff,  not in spite of it.

We spend our life doing it backward. We run from our emotions, not towards them. 

My approach might sound  #contrarian, but it fucking works. 

Because your next-level visibility and impact rely on your next-level intimacy and devotion to yourself. 

It’s about meeting your-SELF – full of play, full of devotion,  full of shadows, full of curiosity, full of LOVE – and growing stronger, wilder braver, bolder – through that intimate encounter.

Releasing and alchemizing what is so that it can unfurl into what might be

Breaking open to break free —

This is how we RISE. 

I am here for paradigm-shifting.  I don’t bypass. I don’t “high vibe”. 

I will cherish and uncover ALL of you to unlock MORE of you.

Let’s go. Hands in the air. Hearts wide open. Dancing all the way.

"Dana's work is revolutionary!"

It begins by giving us permission to feel into our emotions. Then you guide us and hold a space like a Shaman taking us on a journey.

We move through an emotional detox, and here’s where it gets REAL good! Our deep seated emotions get used as catalyst for our growth and transformation!

"Dana is a true prophetess."

I always feel like God speaks through you with all this brilliance. Your process is GOLD and I apply it to the women I photograph and love seeing them unleash their power.

– Rachel Hadiashar, Portrait Photographer

"I can't recommend Dana enough... she's a brilliant coach!"

Dana has a beautiful way of helping you to unlock the obstacles that seem to be stopping you, and instead melding them into fuel to help you achieve your dreams!

– Joanne Murphy Ernst, Artist and Consultant 

You can find me: Travelling the world with my family and living life to the FULLEST. Current locale: Ubud, Bali

Daily rituals: Starting my day with Soul Song to embody my inner Goddess and unleash my magnetic energy. 

Obsessed with: paradox, dancehall music, cucumber and mint leaf infused everything, folding laundry (call me crazy but it’s meditative), nescafe, squishing my littlest one (that still bursts with exuberant affection), musical theatre (ah if we could dance and sing our way  through life…), slow mornings.

Discover your potent Goddess Archetype and the unique energetic blueprint that will take you from longing to living FULL OUT