Calling the creatives, the visionaries, the rebellious leaders…


You are invited to an unparalleled evening of depth, frivolity, purpose, and play.


Liberate your inner powerhouse through an unconventional blend of embodiment, emotional release, beliefs work, music, and movement.


Discover how the things you think are holding you back are in fact your greatest source of strength.


Leverage the power of catharsis to amplify your courage, activate your joy, and anchor into your power.


FIERCE FREE AND ON FIRE promises to be a deep, liberating and healing experience that merges profound exploration with unbridled joy.


Through a 3 step process of Remembrance, Release, and Reclamation, you will uncover your fullest self and unlock unbridled dimensions of your potential!

Come play. Sing. Cry. Dance. Heal.

You have the depth, authenticity, and power to bring out transformation in others that is rarely seen in coaches.

“You keep bringing us back to deeper powers within, reminding us that they are within. Bringing the body to be part of the process, to be listened to, to be moved.”

Jedda Bradley


May 31st

6-9 pm pst

2175 NW Raleigh St, Portland


Dana is here to lead the dancing and crying revolution that will free us to create boldly and connect deeply. 

Hi, I’m Dana,

I’m dedicated to helping you step into your power and embody your brilliance  by tapping into the power of your emotions. I help you ignite your spark so that you can set the world on FIRE. 

I’m obsessed with paradox and poetry. I have a bent for lovingly pushing boundaries, digging deep, and making connections. I believe that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

 … dance parties always included.