There’s a glimmer in your soul.

It’s time to light it on fire. 


You have a vision in your heart, a revolution in your soul, so much motherfucking magic to unleash.


The spark is sooo there. 

It inspires you. It haunts you. 

It flickers. 


It’s time to let it blaze.


You’re committed to showing up for yourself, for your potential, for your evolution. 

You’re ready to shine your light.


You’re not tired of doing the work. 


You’re just tired of it feeling like work. 


You’re tired of stopping and starting. 

You’re tired of yearning and dreaming (it’s time for some freaking claiming) 

You’re tired of dimming your radiant light. 

You’re tired of the mindf**k that trips you up (what stirs your mind will terrify the soul

You’re tired of holding everything yourself, going it alone.

I am bursting with excitement and energy!

Thank you!! I feel transformed and am bursting with excitement and energy for the day. My roots are dancing, I feel strong, peaceful, centered, and vibrant. I feel complete in my incompleteness! Wow, I never even knew that was an option! Yup, I’m owning the woman in me. I am so ready for MORE!!

Maura Lynn Muhl

Entrepreneur and owner of Better Butter

You’re straddling what is and what more is possible. 

The yearning for extra

The weight of same same

Meanwhile the book in your heart is calling, the podcast in your soul is calling, the travel adventure is calling, the stage is calling, the new business venture is calling, the kids are calling, the laundry’s calling, your mom’s calling, your revolution is calling


So much fucking calling 

Your mind is pining for respite, for a moment of quiet

While your soul is aching for a motherfucking dance partaaay


Ready to meet your calling?


No more one foot here, one foot there, babe. 

It’s time to jump in with both feet. All in. Into the deep. Into the mess.

And throw your arms up in wild abandon. 



Bounding towards your dreams 

Not in spite of the mess. But because of it. 

Youre invited, Mother,

Creator, Visionary, Entrepreneur,

Kitchen Dancer, Car Belter.


Your magic is in the interplay

The intersection. 

The overlap. 

The merging. 

The paradox. 



Amazing!!!! What a difference to feel like I’m thriving! 

Now I’m parenting as a part of my creative self expression instead of just being in survival mode as a mom. What a wonderful space you’ve created. I felt super connected to my vulnerability and knew it was a call to go where I don’t usually go which is powerful.  I’ll also say that I felt incredibly inspired & moved by the other women in the group and it definitely left me wanting MORE connection with my emotions now that I see a new way to use them in service of my higher purpose(s) in life.

Kayla Rose Yoder

Divine Healer and Coach

Here’s the thing: the distance between what is and what more is possible will always be messy. 

Life will life.

And (lean in closer, love): this is where we need to lean into play even more. 

The purpose is in the PLAY;  in how much fucking fun can we have with the mess?


Whispering your Desire

Singing your Pain

Dancing your Remembrance

Belting out your Reclamation


We play on purpose:  to heal, to liberate, to meet our calling.

AMAZING! I always wanted to believe I was doing the right thing (as a mom and CEO) but deep down it wasn’t really gelling because something felt off. Now I get it … and just like that my toddler AND business have shifted, 100% for the better!

Jenna Harrison

Mindset Coach

Are you ready to meet

yourself in all your

radiant glory?

Your narrative, storied.  

Your song, sung. 

Your dance, choreographed. 

Your life, LIVED. 


Welcome to the theater of Transformation. YOURS



Move the body. 

Land the soul. 

Raise the spirit. 

All the way through. 

To feel it is to be it. 

What is your vision if not an expression of your truest self?


And how can you be fully expressed in your work, in your impact, if you’re holding back any part of yourself?



Light YOURSELF up. The vision will follow. 


The meaningful work doesn’t have to be heavy. 

As adults we listen to audio books instead of Britney Spears. 

We don’t get “recess.”


THIS is your scheduled recess. 


When was the last time you drank in wonder? When was the last time you “got down”?



Come alive to yourself so that you can bring your work to life. 

I am still flying high

“I am still flying high, centered and on fire with allowing myself to discover who I am, to play, to enjoy and to relax inside, and feeling complete, which is truly the highest gift someone could give me. This was from just one session with Dana!!”

Maura Lynn Muhl

Entrepreneur and owner of Better Butter

Inching, leaping, tip-toeing, sprinting. 

Whatever your speed, 

Rouse to lift. 

Rise to dream.

COME ALIVE is more than a program. It is an experience, a celebration, a REVOLUTION.

You’re not here to consume more, you’re here to CREATE more 


You’re not here to focus more, you’re here to INTEGRATE more


You’re not here to work more, You’re here to PLAY more


You’re not here to do more, You’re here to DARE more.


in all your heartbreak 

your heartswell 

your tribulations 

and your triumph.

Here’s how.

Month 1The Remembrance (A million Dreams are keeping you Awake)
Where you melt. This is your awakening. 

Where you tap into your desires, awaken your sensory and sensual body,  and unfurl your yearning and potential. 

You inflate the balloon. 

Month 2 The Release (Walking a Tightrope)
Where you roar. This is your alchemy. 

Everything you think is in the way is in fact THE way. This is where you slay the doubts, transmute the rage, swaddle the grief, and flirt with the fear.  Where you blow shit up, and burn shit down, all while fueling your inner  alchemical fire; where you bring it (all the way) in, in order to let it (the  fuck) out. Your rupture needs to be embodied for your rapture to be  experienced. 

You pop the balloon.


Month 3 The Reclamation (This is Me)
Where you belt. This is your reclamation. 

Emboldened. Expressed. Embodied. Exuberant. 

Part hype queen, part blissed out priestess, this is where you exclaim and  proclaim your “too-muchness”, where every cell in your body screams “I  fucking got this!”, where you take up motherfucking space and do the things  that thrill your soul and scare the shit out of your mind, because you are so  supported, so inspired, so empowered. 

You fly your fab flag.

COME ALIVE — the mastermind collective — is an intimate coven of irreverent wise women who dare to dream and dream to dare. 

I just dropped my first public song!!!

So much thanks to YOU!!! Before joining FFF, I was hiding. Heck, I didn’t even sing to my toddler. The biggest revelation was that diving into my darker emotions and moving through them can activate my power and desire. Now I am stepping into the spotlight. FFF taught me to TAKE UP SPACE. And this has completely transformed my work, my motherhood, and my marriage. If you’re on the fence, jump over to the other side!” 

Rachel Lowe

Mother, Singer!!

Here’s how we’ll (rock n’) roll:

– 2 calls/month (a mix of teaching, embodiment practices and coaching)

– 1 cathartic synergistic event (dance party/salon/guest expert) per month

– Facebook group for support, community, playlists, prompts, additional teachings, exercises, delightful surprises…

– Sacred sisterhood: we will dance our asses off, sing one another’s praises, and hold one another’s vision as we stretch into it.  

Your reclamation chapter is not meant to be merely written; it is meant to be expressed, exalted, embodied. 






It’s time for your Purpose 

To feel weighty… and light, 

Foremost and fun. 

It’s time to Come Alive

Because you’re here to do big things. 

And to have a fuck-ton of fun. 

Together. At the same time. 


Humble bow to you, dear Dana, for modeling your message so completely; and for leading us through this beautiful process.

And deep gratitude to the sisterhood that treated me with such tenderness as I emerged from my shell to reveal more of my authentic, raw, fierce, messy self. I am now spreading my message like a boss and amazing speaking opportunities are literally falling in my lap.

Trish Fortune

Wellness Coach and Health Advocate

I am a different person!!

Dana I wanted to thank you profoundly; You have created something so meaningful and valuable. I am now applying the anger exercises and lessons with my kids and I am finding that I can understand them on a deeper level, and am experiencing so much more tenderness and compassion — towards them AND towards myself. I had always felt mildly angry, and now I am a lighter happier version of myself.

Lisa Simpkin


Im Dana, 

resident Kitchen Dancer, Car Belter, & Spirit Lifter. 

My dad taught me that Life is not a dress rehearsal. Now an Empowerment Coach and Mom to 4, Im a ninja at reframing  beliefs and opening up vast portals of possibility by tapping into the power of our emotions. Being in deep  inquiry and “getting down” is my jam. #both/and


Wanna chat before you dive in? Let’s connect here.

Intimate. Impactful. Irreverent.


Dana is a true prophetess. 

“I always feel like God speaks through you with all this brilliance. Your Flirt with Fear process is GOLD; I apply it to the women I photograph and love seeing them unleash their power.”

Rachel Hadiashar

Portrait Photographer

If you need a boost of inspiration and creative thinking for your business, Dana is the real deal. 

Dana has a beautiful way of helping you to unlock the obstacles that seem to be stopping you, and instead melding them into fuel to help you achieve your dreams! I can’t recommend her enough, she’s a brilliant coach.

Joanne Murphy Ernst

Artist and Consultant

You will never be the same in the best way possible

“If you’re looking to POWER UP your life, your inner game, your relationships… Dana Inouye is such an inspiration and delight.”

Kayla Rose Yoder

Shamanic Priestess and Women’s Wellness Coach

Fire up your courage,  

your magnetism, your “I fucking got this” energy

Your emboldened exuberance awaits.