Sorry but if you tell me you don’t get musicals because “people don’t break out into song in real life”, you’re hanging with the wrong people. 

Welcome to your people. 

F-IT! (F IT=“FEEL it”)  is a revolutionary movement that is charged by the power of catharsis. 

It’s Zumba for your soul. Yoga for your emotions. Barre for your spirit. 

Stretch yourself. Release your shadows. Ground into your “I fucking got this” energy. 

The premise: Feel to heal. Crack open to break free. Express to Release. Embody to Rise. 

The path: Singing and writing; crying and dancing.

What if you could sing your pain?

What if you could dance your remembrance?

What if you could belt out your reclamation?

What if, in true musical theater style, you could break out into song and dance, in order to transmute your emotions?

Songs make you feel. They tell stories. They move you. They allow you to feel the passion in the pain, the tenderness in the rage, the possibility in the dispair.

What if you could inhabit song in a way that connects us to the deepest parts within? To the parts that need to be healed, liberated, grounded. 

F-IT! is a 45-minute online class, where we journal, sing, dance, cry, and transmute ourselves to a new way of being, so that we can fuel our passion, heal our stories, liberate our longings, ground into our power, and most of all — feel  our glorious ALIVEness. 

You have the depth, authenticity, and power to bring out transformation in others that is rarely seen in coaches.

“You keep bringing us back to deeper powers within, reminding us that they are within. Bringing the body to be part of the process, to be listened to, to be moved.”

Jedda Bradley


Kids driving you crazy? F-IT!

Spark your creative energy? F-IT!

Remember your sacred divinity? F-IT!

Stuck in the tireless cycle of personal development? F-IT! 

Slay your doubts? F-IT!

Own your fierce magnetism and bless the largeness within? F-IT! F-IT! F-IT!

F-IT will heal, liberate, and ignite your FIRE.

The transformation is in the transmutation. 


Whether we’re moving from grief to remembrance, from rage to reclamation, from doubt to sass,  from fear to desire… There is a messy middle. 

F-IT asks: How much fun can we have with the mess?

You are going to rock peoples’ worlds with this!!

“I had a week of feeling in my most creative, compassionate, loving self after only one hour with you, where I was fully rising up and my soul was self-navigating. Get in fast!!!”

Jedda Bradley


F-IT is a rapturous revolution: where transformational modalities (embodiment, emotional release, music, movement, belief work) blend and meet our tender human wholeness (the heartache and the heartswell, the trials and the triumph) to propel us into an empowered state that is expressed, embodied, emboldened, exalted.

Online Classes are  $27

Inaugural online class: Thursday April 11th at 12 pm, with subsequent monthly online classes.

(Membership and packages will be available soon)


Welcome to the Dancing and Crying Revolution. 

The backstory:


I had a song. 


I went through a very emotionally difficult time a few years back. 

This was before I got into any coaching and personal development work. 


And yet when I look back on this period and connect the dots, I realize it was also one of the most regenerative, creative, and transformational periods in my life. 


When I started musing on this period of rebirth that took me from heartbreak to heart-swell and that was accompanied by creative vigor, one thing reverberated: 


My song. I had a song:  “She used to be mine” from the musical Waitress


It was my soundtrack, my prayer, my anthem, my whisper, my primal scream; my lifeline. 


We can listen to a song and it can move us… and then we can INHABIT a song and it can transform us. 


I inhabited this song. I would sit on the bed and just sing and cry my pain and my yearning, and in so doing I began to also sing my remembrance, and my reclamation.


I started to find moments of joy and inspiration and life and possibility bubble up. Escaping into an ’other’s’ story connected me to the innermost terrain of my own tender landscape.  Where her story met my story, creative energy and empowerment surged. 


Through the music and the movement, through dancing it and singing it and crying it and belting it and whispering it, I could feel the strength and passion in my anger, I could feel the love in my grief, I could feel the possibility in my despair. 


And I could rise into a more empowered, more creative, more energized and daring version of myself. 


I became the person who is ready to claim my desires, the person who is ready to receive. And bit by bit, the external circumstances started shifting too. 


What I couldn’t name then and can fully own now: the power of emotional alchemy to completely shift and transform my being.  


F IT is the sweeping alchemical journey that started with a song… and weaves in my years of experience as a women’s empowerment coach, innovating practices and approaches that highlight emotional alchemy and center our wholeness. 


I am still flying high

“I am still flying high, centered and on fire with allowing myself to discover who I am, to play, to enjoy and to relax inside, and feeling complete, which is truly the highest gift someone could give me. This was from just one session with Dana!!”

Maura Lynn Muhl

Entrepreneur and owner of Better Butter

Hi, I’m Dana,

I’m dedicated to helping you step into your power and embody your brilliance  by tapping into the power of your emotions. I help you ignite your spark so that you can set the world on FIRE. 

I’m obsessed with paradox and poetry. I have a bent for lovingly pushing boundaries, digging deep, and making connections. I believe that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

 … dance parties always included.