SHH… Listen close:

There’s a flutter inside you. 

Do you hear it?

  • a desire that wants to be acknowledged
  • a whisper that longs to speak up
  • a spark that yearns to burn

Welcome it. Let it swell.

We are made to expand, we are made to create, we are made to want MORE —

You know you pine for it — your version of MORE —


…So life feels amazing rather than just something you need to get through


…Because who wants to have to force and push themself to do something? Yuck.


…So you finally get to do YOU and make YOUR unique mark on the world


…Goodbye shiny object syndrome, I know what I’m doing.

MORE showing the F up for yourself, for your relationships, for your business (so that you can create the fucking impact you were born to make, and enjoy all 3!)

But instead of showing up and GETTING MORE, you:

  • Binge on another Netflix series
  • Perfect that cookie dough recipe
  • Yawn your way through another long-ass webinar
  • Clean out the fridge (where your mouth is the receptacle!)

You play small, you hide, you decide you’ll focus on it later.

Showing up for it all feels hard. You’re tired of pushing.

The problem is that you know this situation isn’t serving you. Like AT ALL.

You’re stuck in your version of groundhog day (#quarantinelife isn’t helping) while your longings are hushed and your potential is hindered.

And hey, it’s not like you haven’t tried.

You’ve done the mindset work.

You’ve got the vision board and the affirmations to boot.

You know (in your head) which thoughts to choose.

But actually FEELING it so each of your cells scream, “YES!” and the core of your being is like, “I got this!”??

Umm … #yeahno. That’s a whole other story.

What if instead, you were actually having FUN?


No more fragmented energy?

No more wondering what you could’ve done with the day if you were in a better mental place?

No more looking at others thinking “I want what she has”

What if you could get out of your head so that you can feel it in your soul?

  • Owning your gifts and letting your voice soar
  • Finally shaking off the “good girl” cloak and flinging your wild uninhibited arms to the sky
  • Showing up from a place of deep inner Truth and Power? (We’re talking capital T and P!!)


It’s NOT traditional mindset work

It’s NOT the embodiment work you’ve tried before, either.

It’s something totally new and groundbreaking…


This is where you get up close and personal with your greatest power source: your EMOTIONS.

And then learn to ACCESS and then ACTIVATE them, on will.

So that they finally work FOR rather than AGAINST you. 

Ready to throw your arms up in the air like Queen Elsa and “let [shit] go” so that you can turn yourself ON?




Is where you’ll fuel your flutters by “taking the lid off.”

Because when you keep the lid on your emotions, you bottle up your light, your power, your potential.

Usually, we spend our lives doing this backwards…

We run FROM our emotions, not TOWARDS.

But once you get to know them, you’ll understand how much wisdom they have to share and how they’re dying to set you on FIRE.

That’s when you begin to hatch.

(Hatch, not heal: welcome to the new paradigm.)

When you break open, you also break free.

And become more powerful than you’ve ever experienced…

No more dimming your light. It’s your time to shine, gorgeous.

Through a one-of-a-kind, step-by-step process that includes a proven series of energy-activation exercises made infinitely more potent by sacred sisterhood, we will open ourselves up to our inner badass.

Get ready to:

  • feel the drive and motivation that will have you ditching deliberating for DOING
  • embody the confidence to show up like your secret boss-babe crushes (you know who they are!)
  • trust your inner knowingness so that you know it’s a good idea (not if it’s a good idea)
  • birth your passion project so that you can realize the height of your creative purpose
  • become an impactful leader so that you can set the world on fucking fire (the world needs #womenrising)
  • free your body image and cultivate your sensual energy so that you can receive deep pleasure and joy
  • be more present and lighthearted so that you can experience deep connection with your children
  • find the energy and the rhythm that will have you prioritizing you (no more “shoulds” and “maybes”) when time is not on your side
  • experience the freedom of unbridled self-expression so that you can harness that powerful shizz and bring a pulsating magnetic energy to everything you do (THIS is the magic-sauce when it comes to results)

And tap into that when YOU want it, rather than just when “inspiration strikes”…

How different might your life be if those flutters were no longer just fluttering … if they were spreading their wings and soaring?

If you were to come fully ALIVE?

Listen, this is NOT about doing more — as women, as creatives, as business-owners, as moms — there is no shortage of things ‘to do”


This is about BEING MORE


About embodying your whole, free, fucking glorious empowered self.

The possibilities are limitless; the process is singular.

Because there is NO other program like this on the planet.

This is the system that I developed by merging my years of training as an actor and dancer, with the timeless Jewish rituals of my childhood, in order to move myself from a place of OK to fucking ON FIRE.

If you’re feeling a spark and want to see what can happen when we throw some fuel —

If you are ready to come the F ALIVE!! –

Let’s play with fire! 🔥


“Amazing!!!! Now I’m parenting as a part of my creative self expression instead of just being in survival mode as a mom. What a difference to feel like I’m thriving!

What a wonderful space you’ve created. I felt super connected to my vulnerability and knew it was a call to go where I don’t usually go which is powerful. I’ll also say that I felt incredibly inspired & moved by the other women in the group and it definitely left me wanting MORE connection with my emotions now that I see a new way to use them in service of my higher purpose(s) in life.”

– Kayla Rose Yoder, Divine Healer and Coach


Is a 6-week group program that helps you access your TRUTH…

And step into your POWER, by tapping into the potent resource of your EMOTIONS.

Amidst an intimate collective of heart-centered women (#sisterhoodrising)

We will hold one another and be held as we move — individually and collectively — into uncovering our wholeness and magnetizing our desires.

Close your eyes for a hot-second and envision:

  • an ancient Jewish practice to ignite your inner fire

  • a soulful journey through music and dance to activate the full spectrum of your emotions so that you can open up to a truly expansive state 💃

  • passage to the dark side (rage circle and fear inventory) so that you can get to the other (empowered) side without all that shizz pulling you down 🤬

  • deep mindset reprogramming backed by sensory embodied practices so that you’re not only ‘thinking’ different but ‘feeling’ different (uplifted, lit-up, fully alive!) — and are finally able to attract the easy flow of abundance that you’ve been hearing about 🤩


Halle-fucking-lujah, I am ALIVE and anything is possible!!

We begin with WHAT IS and move, through an integrative mix of mindset,
embodiment, and emotions work, to a place of limitless potential— of WHAT IF.

FIERCE FREE AND ON FIRE includes an orientation week (sisterhood unite!) + five chock-filled modules

Each module week includes a video that guides you to the principles and practices plus TWO optional coaching calls (#overdeliveringismythang)

The weekly group calls alternate in their focus:

Action and Activation (Tuesdays) and Response and Integration (Fridays).

This is purposefully designed so that we’re able to both do the work as well as to integrate the work — while being deeply supported through all of it.


  Humble bow to you, dear Dana, for modeling your message so completely; and for leading us through this beautiful process.

And deep gratitude to the sisterhood that treated me with such tenderness as I emerged from my shell to reveal more of my authentic, raw, fierce, messy self.

I am now spreading my message like a boss and amazing opportunities
are coming my way.

– Trish Fortune, Wellness Coach and Health Advocate


We start June 1st.

Here’s a glimpse into the FFF modules:

Week 1: Orientation (aka Sisterhood Rising

  • Where we connect and reflect so that we can move forward #strongertogether

Week 2: What Is (aka Deep Down

  • Where we draw forth our “inner wild child” and summon the many pieces of the robust wholeness within

Week 3: The Sound and the Fury

  • Where we unleash FOR us, not unto others so that we can learn how to stop holding back and operate at our full capacity
  • This one includes the “rage to riches” exercise that had my client Jenna step into her power like never before (and bring in her highest revenue month yet) 

Week 4: Fear Factor

  • Where we shine a light on our limiting beliefs and let our emotions do the work of forming  counter-narratives that we actually BELIEVE, so that we can move from a place of faith. 

Week 5: Take a walk on the Wild side 

  • Where we revel in the “pleasure principle” and summon our inner Sasha Fierce (your “signature move” awaits!) so that we can turn on the energy that lights us up whenever we want it (because creating from that place = #unfuckingstoppable)


Week 6: What Might Be (aka Far Out

  • Where we lean into the vastness of our potential so that we can dance through the world as the powerful manifesting goddesses we are

Dana I wanted to thank you profoundly;

You have created something so meaningful and valuable. I am now applying the anger exercises and lessons with my kids and I am finding that I can understand them on a deeper level,

and am experiencing so much more tenderness and compassion — towards them AND towards myself. I had always felt mildly angry, and now I am a lighter happier version of myself.

– Lisa Simpkin, Teacher

Here it is again, all the goodness:

✅ weekly videos so that you can revisit the material and revitalize your energy anytime (value: $750)

✅ TWO weekly group coaching calls so that you can make powerful breakthroughs in a deeply supportive space (value: $2500)

✅ a private facebook group so that you can share all the stuff that’s coming up for you among your new forever sistas (value: priceless)

✅ unlimited voxer support from me so that you feel held; truly, madly, deeply (value: invaluable)

The total value is way beyond $3,250


And it gets even better…

IF YOU LISTEN TO YOUR GUT (Your inner compass)

INSTEAD OF YOUR EGO (objections and stories made to keep you safe and stuck)

and take the leap to SIGN UP BEFORE MAY 27th


That means all this life-changing goodness is your new reality for only $549!!!

When you say YES to yourself before the BONUS expires on May 27th,
you have the option of:

One-time Payment of $549

4 Monthly Payments of $167 each



The POWERFUL practices in FIERCE FREE AND ON FIRE will have you feeling your emotions, releasing them,

And then learning to ACTIVATE them when you choose — in a way that is supported, playful, loving, and deeply ecstatic.

It’s the thing that will make you ALIVE and magnetic and in turn, enable you to magnetize your desires.

Going deep and cracking ourselves open reveals our TRUTH

And owning our truth unleashes our power. 

Are you ready to own it?

To step into summer wildly free and unstoppable?

We start June 1st.

The next level YOU is just on the other side.

Hi, I’m Dana.

I help women access their truth and step into their power, by tapping into their emotions. I help them ignite their spark so that they can set the world on fire.

F-bombs and dance parties always included.

I’m obsessed with paradox and poetry. I have a bent for pushing boundaries and making connections. I believe that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

“If you need a boost of inspiration and creative thinking for your business, Dana is the real deal. She has a beautiful way of helping you to unlock the obstacles that seem to be stopping you, and instead melding them into fuel to help you achieve your dreams!

I can’t recommend her enough, she’s a brilliant coach.

– Joanne Murphy Ernst, Artist and Consultant