Flirting with our fear = Flirting with our potential

What you want comes with an edge

Stepping into the “unknowns” that are calling you carries immense rewards… and immense fear…

You’ve heard the saying: if your dreams don’t make you afraid, they’re not big enough

And how many times have you heard the mantra:

“feel the fear and do it anyway”?

Look, I  totally get the “motivational” jolt it’s designed to elicit and the results it’s meant to inspire…

But I’ve gotta be honest: it’s just never sat right with me.

Because what kind of energy does ‘anyway’ carry with it?

‘Anyway’ feels like a push, like a struggle,

like closing my eyes and jumping rather than leaping with eyes wide open

How would it feel to dance between Fear and Faith?

To work WITH fear not against it?

To invite it in, not bulldoze over it?

How would it feel to FLIRT WITH FEAR?

(C’mon when was the last time you flirted?)

Hi I’m Dana, 

I help soulful folks access their truth, connect to their wild, and embody their power, by tapping into the magnetic force of their emotions. 

I help fire-starters ignite their spark so that they can set the world on fire.

I’m obsessed with paradox, poetry, and paradigm shifting. I have a bent for pushing boundaries and making connections. I believe that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

F-bombs and dance parties, always included.