Fuel Your Fire

Do you feel like you want MORE? 


More joy, more energy, more aligned action, more showing the F up for yourself, your relationships, or your business?

But instead of showing up and GETTING IT, sometimes all you want to do is 


  • Bingeing on another Netflix series
  • Perfecting that cookie dough recipe
  • Watching another long-ass webinar
  • Cleaning out the fridge (where your mouth is the receptacle!)

Showing up for it all feels hard. You’re tired of pushing.

The problem is that you know this situation isn’t serving you. Like AT ALL.


But, what if instead, you were actually having FUN?

No more fragmented energy?

No more wondering what you could’ve done with the day if you were in a better mental place?


What if you could show up from a place of deep inner Truth and Power?
(We’re talking capital T and P!!)


Welcome to Fuel Your Fire

In this 2-hour workshop, we’re giving traditional Mindset work and Embodiment work a face-lift.


You’ll get up close and personal with your greatest power source: the (largely under-utilized reservoir of) your EMOTIONS.

It’s the place we usually run FROM not TOWARDS

Because once you learn to recognize your emotions and apply the wisdom they’re trying to share, you’ll be able to activate them on YOUR terms. 

And when we do this, we begin to hatch.

Hatch, not heal: welcome to the new paradigm.

When we break open, we can break free. 

No more dimming your light. It’s your time to shine, gorgeous.

If you’re ready to:

  • trust deeply in your inner knowingness
  • step into your badass power
  • feel fully self-expressed
  • vibrate with creative flow
  • bring a pulsating magnetic energy to everything you do (THIS is the magic-sauce when it comes to results)

This workshop is for you.

Through a series of energy-activation exercises, we will open ourselves up to our inner badass.

Here are some of the secrets I’ll be sharing:

 *3 unexpected ways you can activate your inner Sasha Fierce even when you’re feeling like, “No thank you!”

*The “rage to riches” exercise where you’ll learn to go from “not enough” to WHOLLY worthy so that you can show up for your dreams in ways you never thought were possible.

(This one alone had my client Jenna say: “Now I get that I’ve been doing the OPPOSITE of what I should be doing!”… And then go on to have her most profitable quarter ever (with a $17k+ month).

Get ready to walk away with:

  • the drive and motivation that will have you ditching deliberating for DOING 
  • the confidence to show up like your secret boss-babe crushes 
  • the self-trust that lets you know it’s a good idea (not if it’s a good idea)

APRIL 29th, 11:30-1:30 PST via Zoom
(Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the link to join)

You in babe? – Let’s play with fire! 🔥 

“If you need a boost of inspiration and creative thinking for your business, Dana is the real deal. She has a beautiful way of helping you to unlock the obstacles that seem to be stopping you, and instead melding them into fuel to help you achieve your dreams! I can’t recommend her enough, she’s a brilliant coach.”

– Joanne Murphy Ernst, Artist and Consultant

The POWERFUL practices in the Fuel your Fire workshop will have you feeling your emotions, releasing them, and ACTIVATING them — in a way that is supported, playful, loving, and deeply ecstatic.

It’s the thing that will make you ALIVE and magnetic and in turn, enable you to magnetize your desires.

Going deep and cracking ourselves open reveals our truth…

And owning our truth unleashes our power. 

Come see what’s possible.

Hi, I’m Dana.

I’m an empowerment coach. I’m obsessed with paradox and poetry. I have a bent for pushing boundaries and making connections. I believe that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

I help women access their truth and step into their power, by tapping into their emotions. I help them ignite their spark so that they can set the world on fire.