“She’s cute but she’s a little משוגעת (crazy),” Sebastian coolly remarked to me about his sister, during a familiar game of role-play. (Me, the anthropologist and he, the subject, describing his lineage and mores). “Really?” I played along, masking a smile at the thought that he couldn’t be more right on.
Lance and I don’t even have to utter the word anymore. The sigh’n’smile, accompanied by the shake of the head says it all.
Sure, most toddlers like to include the table, the floor, their shirt, and even their hair in a hearty meal. But with Liliana, the body is both the vehicle and the drive.
Yogurt is made for delivering a moisturizing and exfoliating body treatment. Markers are designed expressly for decorative body art.
Everything is touched, felt, rubbed, kneaded, spread, schmeared. With exuberant joy and brazen, obstinate, and inexorable glee.