Media Speaking Opportunities

Dana Inouye is known for empowering women and teams to ignite their creative energy, to embody their leadership, and to actualize the fullness of their potential. She combines her contagious passion and vibrant energy with honest and tender stories of resilience and grace. With her  varied background in the Arts and Education, Dana elevates audiences and inspires them to thrive by feeling everything and alchemizing their emotions.

What holds people back from fully standing in their power, feeling fully alive, and going after their dreams?

Let me name the ways: doubts, fears, disappointments, grief, people pleasing, perfectionism…  all the messy stuff life dishes us. 

And yet therein lies the magic. 

The things we think are holding us back are in fact the path forward.

Dana will show you how connecting to the power of your emotions and expanding your capacity to FEEL more is the key to your resilience, your courage, your radiance, and your joy. 

Dana offers insightful paradigm shifts and groundbreaking tools to help women: 

  • Access their truth
  • Anchor into their power
  • Alchemize their emotions
  • Embrace every part of themselves
  • Create change and lead themselves boldly

Popular Topics:

  • Your Wild Potential Unleashed
  • Flirt with Your Fear
  • The Paradox of Wholeness
  • Your Rant is your Reclamation
  • The Power of Coming Undone
  • On the Other Side of your Doubts
  • Express Yourself; Ignite your Creative Energy
  • From What is to What if: A messy (and magical) approach to Wholeness
  • Why you need Emotions in Business
  • Feel Your Way to Success

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Discover your potent Goddess Archetype and the unique energetic blueprint that will take you from longing to living FULL OUT