Dana Inouye is a writer, speaker, coach, and inspirational community leader.

Her unique bent for finding the magic in the mess of motherhood is refreshing and transformative.

Dana has shared her inspiring message of “magic in the mess” on various podcasts and feature interview series, and her writing has been featured in Red Tricycle, Elephant Journal, and more.

She is known for sharing her message authentically, joyfully, and poetically.

With a background in Education and Theatre, Dana brings an embodied and ideational approach to her musings. Her passion for interdisciplinary intersections, poetry, psychology, and emotional intelligence, infuse her work with depth and sincerity.

Through drawing attention to reframes and highlighting small and powerful shifts in perspective, Dana is committed to helping moms find more joy, more purpose, and more meaning.

She lives in Portland, OR, with her husband and her daily fodder – her four children.

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