Mompreneur Musings

Juggling babies and business comes with its share of trials and triumphs,
and a host of lessons learned.

Here are my unfiltered honest, heartfelt, mini-mompreneur musings – where I invite you in on my journey and share my trials, my triumphs, and most importantly, my lessons.

They are designed to uplift, to make you reflect, to motivate action, and to inspire grace.

Enjoy – and keep on keeping on your journey! You got this mama!

On The Shift (Process vs. Results)

EPISODE 34: ON THE SHIFT (PROCESS VS. RESULTS) We’re told to talk about results, not process. We’re told people don’t buy feelings. Well I’m gonna go for a #backwards paradigm shift here. Because here’s the truth: The shift that...

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The Loaf Vs. The Crumbs

EPISODE 33: THE LOAF VS. THE CRUMBS We’re getting all metaphorical and allegorical here ⚡️💫✨ If self-sabotaging behavior is keeping you stuck, if you’re feeling less than inspired or motivated to show up and take Inspired action to seize...

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EPISODE 32: ON FEELING IT Got big beautiful goals but getting stuck in the getting there? Clear on how you want to feel when you’ll get there but not quite “feeling” it? Listen in to discover: -       the...

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On Reframing “Crazy Busy”

EPISODE 30: ON REFRAMING “CRAZY BUSY” Ever feel like your life is “crazy busy”? (Like all the fucking time?) Managing all the things is no joke. But moving through the energy of “busy” is less than expansive and fulfilling. (Also, less...

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On Growth and Resilience

EPISODE 29: ON GROWTH AND RESILIENCE Entrepreneurship and motherhood provide some of the most fertile soil for personal growth. To thrive and grow in both, to create an upward cycle of success, the capacity to foster resilience, in a...

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Life-affirming Mindset Shift Born of Yom Kippur Reflections

EPISODE 28: LIFE-AFFIRMING MINDSET SHIFT BORN OF YOM KIPPUR REFLECTIONS Yom Kippur, one of the holiest holidays in the Jewish traditions, asks us to atone. It recognizes our frailties and shortcomings and asks us to take responsibilities...

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How to Get (and Stay) Motivated to Do the Damn Thing

EPISODE 27: HOW TO GET (AND STAY) MOTIVATED TO DO THE DAMN THING How can we motivate ourselves to do the hard things that we know we need to do to create shifts and move forward? How can we get motivated to show up in a bigger way? How can...

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The Things You Think You Don’t Have Time For

EPISODE 26: THE THINGS YOU THINK YOU DON’T HAVE TIME FOR Ever feel like you just don’t have time to take a shower, take a walk, or get together with a friend for coffee? Your time is limited and you’ve got a business to build! Listen in to...

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