Episode 10: On going from “in a funk” to FUNKYTOWN!

Find yourself stuck, stagnant, in a funk? We all do from time to time.

How do we turn being “in a funk” to shaking our groove thang in FUNKYTOWN?

[Spoiler Episode: shake that groove thang!]

Here’s to shaking it up and having some freaking fun!

In this episode you will discover:

  • how a change of environment can offer a change of perspective
  • the importance of having some freaking fun (and ways to have it!)
  • the diverse ways to shift and practice letting go (they can be loud or contemplative, solitary or communal)
  • how a loud and crazy-making morning with a sassy Rupaul-drag-obsessed tween prompted a valuable (and fun!) reframe
  • the meaning  and value of this great Hebrew song lyric: “meshane makom, meshane mazal”