Episode 1: How I self-sabotaged my outreach for collaboration and how it led to re-imagining the (flowing, feminine) space of entrepreneurship


In this opening episode, I invite you to explore the disparate and complementary pieces of the mom/preneur.

In this episode you will discover:

  • my naptime ritual that highlights the juxtaposed and complimentary pieces of the mom and the entrepreneur – the nurturer and the hustler.
  • How the softening aspect of the nurturer and the energizing aspect of the hustler can exist side by side in an embodied way
  • The importance of a transition ritual that will anchor you in a place of gratitude
  • my self-sabotage episode and how it spurred me to reflect on and re-imagine the space of entrepreneurship/business as one that invites a more maternal, feminine space into the process of (co-)creation.