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Learn how to work with fear, rather than against it, so that you can step confidently into the unknown and go after what you want.


Through a unique process that merges mindset and embodiment and activates your emotions, you will connect to your delicious desire, your magnetic energy, and your inspired creative drive. 


Get your daily song selection straight to your device EVERY DAY for $4.99/mo (that’s the cost of one single coffee), to give you the lift, the connection, the “juice” to deepen into yourself, and get in your groove!


Rewild Your Life is real raw conversations and impassioned inquiries that explore what it means to THRIVE not in spite of our brutal beautiful messy humanity but BECAUSE of it.

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What it takes to be
a triple threat

your capacity to feel

the sweet spot of convergence


drop off tears

The Energy of HOW
and the HOW of Energy

Everything, nothing

Releasing the grip

Let’s talk about that elusive magnetic sphere
of energy

Stepping into my siren

Good can be great

Have you ever said
“when” I have ____
“then” I’ll ____

On expansion & contraction

The change starts
with you

From bored and uninspired…

How to E X P A N D into
limitless possibility…
doubts and all!!

Reboot Revive Rewild

How the lens of travel
can shift and transform

On Emotions, magnetism, and manifestation

On emotions magnetism & manifestation – Part 2

Expectation Hangover

A conversation on intuitive unschooling

Welcome to the
Rewilding Revolution

It’s your time to feel…

Embodied. Emboldened. Empowered.

Discover your potent Goddess Archetype and the unique energetic blueprint that will take you from longing to living FULL OUT