Choose your own adventure…


Do you have a fire within you that yearns to blaze?

Do you long to really FEEL?

To really connect?

To really go deep?

This powerful transformational retreat is more than a time out; it is a TIME-IN:

  • into self
  • into  luscious connections (with sacred sisterhood)
  • into recovering, reclaiming, restoring, revitalizing

Into coming truly ALIVE…

Into the Deep is an immersive embodied experience where we open ourselves up to ALLLLL the FEELS: into the depths of our emotional recesses and the healing transformative powers that they possess.

It is an opportunity to express, to unleash, to release —

to deeply transform and discover our inner truth.

To take it all in and let it all out

It is a container where we can cry, rage, laugh, breathe, exalt – together.

– From breath-work to sound bath

– From cathartic tears to joyful cries

– From grounded meditation to soaring dance parties

– From rage circle to friendship circle

– From fear inventory to desire mapping

– From soul-bearing to sisterhood-holding

– From skinny dipping to fire roaring

– From high vibes to deep repose

From mining our potential to accessing our power to living poetically…

We will move through it all.

This is for the woman who longs to return to her wholeness (You heard it here first: wholeness is the new balance); And to awaken to her fierce potential.

We will move through unparalleled depths of emotion, of power, of unbridled joy –

And come out of this experience rearing to show up, to create, to connect, and to make our blazing mark.

We’re far from the shallow now.



Life with kids got you all kinds of CRAY?

Let’s be real – how many times today have you re-heated your coffee?
Swept the crumbs? Folded the motherfucking laundry?

Longing to just let it all go and escape to an idyllic retreat?
Yeah right, and who’s gonna take care of the kids (#perennialmomlifequestion)?

[Spoiler alert: take them with you!]

When was the last time you really leaned in, really played, really connected, really let loose, really had some freaking FUN – with your kids and with other moms?

Daily life with kids is indisputably messy.
It is also irrefutably magical.

Rejoice is about pronouncing a TIME OUT:

  • from the day-to-day routine
  • from the usual distractions
  • from the laundry, the dishes, the spills
  • from the noise and the chaos
  • from the shoulds and the oughtas

… and inviting a TIME IN to call in:

  • our wants and desires
  • the space to play
  • the nourishing power of community (mama needs a village yo!)
  • a carefree spirit
  • unforgettable memories

We will gather in…

Creative Play

Drama games
Splatter Art
Slip ‘n’ Slide 

This is not just child’s play: Prepare to let go, throw your hands up, release a “whooooo!!!” lean in to the joy of carefree fun and PLAY mama. It’s good for your body and your soul! (Just imagine the grin on your kids’ faces!)

Spiritual Grounding

Meditation and Visualization

Sometimes we need to remind our children to take deep breaths. Sometimes they need to remind us. We will practice together: breathing, visualizing, grounding.

Bountiful Nature

Afternoon picnic

Savor nature’s seasonal bounty and indulge in nutritious delicious fare: al fresca. (Peach cheesecake is nutritious right?)

Nourishing Connection

Mom to Moms/Kids to Kids

Let the kids chillax over an afternoon movie and popcorn.

Us moms will be up on the veranda, sipping mojitos in the sunlight. Ya we know what to do with quiet time.

Scrumptious Friendship

‘smores and song-circle

Nothing says “feel-good” bonding like gathering around a fire-pit with gooey goodness on our faces and songs in our heart.

Jubilant Movement

Epic motherfucking dance party

Need I say more?

Shake that groove thang mama! Because we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy!!

Lasting Memories

Beautiful candid images to revisit and reclaim your happy
OUR GIFT TO YOU: 3 gorgeous edited professional lifestyle photos of you and your children. 
* A beautiful lifestyle photographer will be with us on site to capture your carefree silly joyful loving moments with your children. 
No weaving distractedly in and out of the game because you also want to capture the moments. You get to go all in mama: play, live, love. And leave with bright vivid memories to treasure and revisit. 

The retreat activities are designed for Kids ages 5-10 (but if you have siblings outside of this range, reach out to me, we can co-create anything!)