On Owning the Motherfucking Badass You Are

Episode 5: On Owning the MF-ing Badass You Are!

All the projects/dreams/goals you want to create?
OF COURSE you can do them. You’re already doing all the things mama.
Listen in to realize how the mom-life makes you EXTRA capable of accomplishing anything your heart desires.

This one goes out to all of you moms who are doing it all – “mom-ing” beautifully, courageously, and hot-messedly.

We often get stuck in the “how” juncture, not realizing that we already have all the tools we need. In fact we’re already using and applying all the skills we need.

In this episode you will discover:

  • how and why YOU are the most capable person to achieve your dream/vision/project.
  • how to appreciate what it is you do everyday as a busy mom and how those skills are transferable
  • how to reframe, redirect and re-channel those skills to serve your bigger goals.
  • How fucking awesome you actually are!