The Mastermind

It’s your time, Goddess.

Tap into your Seductress


Root into your Sorceress


Soften into your Siren


UNLEASH your inner wild and embody your next-level leadership.

* Expression

* Embodiment

* Expansion

UNLEASHED is the mastermind that will activate your desire, harness your power, and set you free to do the damn thing and create your motherfucking legacy.

Damn, get me on the Waitlist!

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Hi I’m Dana..

I’m dedicated to helping you access your truth and step into your power by tapping into the power of your emotions. I help you ignite your spark so that you can set the world on FIRE. 

I’m obsessed with paradox and poetry. I have a bent for lovingly pushing boundaries, digging deep, and making connections. I believe that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

F-bombs and dance parties always included.