Awaken your DESIRE QUEEN.

Get off on your DARK BITCH.


Ground into your DIVINE PRIESTESS.



For the passionate creative woman ready to activate + actualize her potential and to set her soul ablaze

What happens when you break free of the shoulds, free of the conditioning, free of the expectations?

What happens when you dare to give yourself aaaall the permission and zero the fucks?

What happens when you allow yourself to be fully and freely expressed?

[Spoiler alert: you become UN-FUCKING-STOPPABLE]

They don’t ask you to abandon everything and become a “new” person. 

They ask you to rouse, to reclaim, to relish, who you are at your core.

To unlock MORE of you by uncovering ALL of you.


ARCHETYPES offer a potent lens:

They activate the emotions of your inner world. 

They anchor you into your core identity.

They amplify your personal power.







4 vital energetic imprints. 1 wildly awakened and empowered you.

The Desire Queen teases. She is PLEASURE. She swerves and swells softly into the light. She is slow and sensual. When we awaken her, we remember our TRUTH.

The Dark Bitch alchemizes. She is POWER. She is dark. She unlocks the parts where our greatest powers lie hidden and dormant. When we unleash her, we reclaim our POWER.

The Dazzling Diva liberates. She is play and pure unadulterated JOY. She is the reclamation on the other side of the rant, the dazzling light on the other side of the shadow. She is your too-muchness. When we free her, we infuse our energy and claim our SPACE. 

The Divine Priestess lures. She is POSSIBILITY. She stands open, heart to sky. When we anchor into her, we rise and RECEIVE.

I am bursting with excitement and energy!

Thank you!! I feel transformed and am bursting with excitement and energy for the day. My roots are dancing, I feel strong, peaceful, centered, and vibrant. I feel complete in my incompleteness! Wow, I never even knew that was an option! Yup, I’m owning the woman in me. I am so ready for MORE!! —  

Maura Lynn Muhl

Entrepreneur and owner of Better Butter

You’re not here to go through the motions. You’re here to explode with life — to make an extraordinary mark. You may have dimmed your brilliance, muted your voice and tucked away your desires to fit the mold.

No more.

How would it feel to flirt with your fears, to get off on your rage, to jump for joy,  to caress your grief, and to savor your pleasure?

To be reverently irreverent in the pursuit of your dreams. 

I know. Showing up for all of it feels hard when you’re already feeling maxed out. 

It can feel like life is moving too slow and too fast at the same time: like you’re constantly treading water, not making waves, and like life’s on fast-forward, leaving no room for the adventure, joy, and daring you crave.

It’s hard to know how to break the cycle and take a breath, let alone put yourself first. 

You’re stuck in your version of groundhog day while your longings are hushed and your potential is hindered.

Yet the flame that burns within you flickers. 

It;’s not like you haven’t  been tending to it (on and off.) 

It’s  not like you haven’t tried.

You’ve done the mindset work. 

You’ve got the vision board and the affirmations to boot. 

Rationally, you know your limiting thoughts and understand how to shift them — at the mind level… 

But actually FEELING it so each of your cells scream, “YES!” and the core of your being is like, “I fucking got this!”??

Here’s the thing: We can’t think our way to results, we’ve gotta FEEL it. 


If you’re tired of hiding, numbing, pushing, thinking, waiting, hoping…


There’s absolutely another way.


What if  you were actually having FUN? Getting turned ON?


Less fragmented energy? 

Less wondering what you could’ve done with the day if you were in a better mental place?

Less comparing yourself to others and getting stuck in thoughts of “If only….”, or “I want what she has”. 


What if you could get out of your head and really live life from your SOUL? 

What if there was a proven path that not only guided you towards rekindling that inner flame but also provided the means to let it roar into an inferno. A path that fanned the embers of your potential so that you can live life on your terms — fully embodied, energized, wildly magnetic, and expressed —

… Owning your gifts and letting your voice soar (let it sing!)

 … Shaking off the “good girl” cloak and flinging your arms in the air (like you just don’t caaaare!)

…Showing up from a place of deep inner Truth and Power?

Welcome to UNLEASHED

Where you embody your medicine and UNLEASH your magic.

It’s NOT traditional mindset work. It’s NOT the embodiment work you’ve tried before. 

It’s something totally new and groundbreaking…

This is where you get up close and personal with your greatest power source:


Learn to ACCESS, HARNESS, and ACTIVATE them so that they finally work FOR rather than against you. 


Are you ready to LET SHIT GO so that you can really TURN yourself ON?

 UNLEASHED  is where you’ll fuel your flutters by “taking the lid off.” 

Because when you keep the lid on your emotions you bottle up your light, your power, and your potential.

Usually, we spend our lives doing this backwards…

We run FROM our emotions, instead of TOWARDS them.

But once you get to know their wisdom, you’ll understand how they’re dying to be your allies and set you on FIRE.  That’s when you really begin to hatch. 

(Hatch, not ‘heal’: welcome to the new paradigm.)

When you let yourself break open, you break free… 

And you become more powerful than you’ve ever experienced.

Here’s some of what awaits you on the other side of connecting to the innermost parts of yourself through the UNLEASHED archetypes:

-Amplified self-worth, confidence, and courage to boldly pursue your desires.

-Renewed clarity around your path, purpose, and passion.

-Enhanced embodied leadership, promoting trust in your calling and the courage to answer it.

-An increase in creative energy, igniting the spark to do amazing things and take up space like never before.

-The ability to tap into your Inner Wild – the untamed, radiant spirit that yearns to be expressed.

-A reinvigorated love for life, embracing all its trials and triumphs with open arms.

Your magic is ready and waiting to be unlocked. It’s your time to dazzle. 

Here’s where it gets juicy:

I’ve designed this experience to meet you where you’re at in every way, whether you want to go all in and leap into the most epic transformational initiation of your life (highly recommended!)

Or whether you just want to dip your toes…


– THE INDULGENT 4-COURSE SPREAD: This is the 3 star Michelin version Experience. Immerse yourself in a 6-month journey through the robust arc of all FOUR archetypes. Each archetype is explored over five weeks, with integration weeks in between the modules PLUS 2 1:1 calls throughout the program for full deeply personalized support.


– THE SAMPLER MENU: Customize your journey by choosing any single archetype module or combination of modules. Each taster/module lasts five weeks, allowing you to focus on the areas you’re most drawn to (or the edges you most need!)

– Each 5-week module is $555.

-The Full Program is $2000 and can be broken down into a 6-month payment plan as low as $350/mo. I know, crazy good.

Here’s the breakdown of all the crazy goodness: 

– Video Trainings, packed with juicy value so that you can revisit the material and reconnect to your personal power anytime (plus a bunch of additional spontaneous content because  #freeflow #inspired).
(value: $1200)

Group coaching calls: 2 Activation calls and 1 guest expert call per month, so that you can make powerful breakthroughs in a deeply supportive space. (value: $2500)

– 4 Guest Experts who will bless the group with their magic-sauce: Womb Goddess Khadoma Colomby will connect you to the true seat of desire. Creative Force Faith Helma will tap you into the whimsical sparks of your creativity. Pleasure Priestess Amanda Testa will invoke luscious sensuality through powerful breathwork and pleasure practices. Plus a surprise guest (tba)
(value: $750)

– Weekly bite-size prompts, exercises and practices that can be layered into your life, i.e. don’t take a lot of time, but have far reaching impact. 

– a private group where we will cry, laugh, dance, and celebrate the fuck out of each other so that you can share your badass upleveling among your new forever coven. (value: priceless)

 The total value is beyond $4450…

AND YOU GET ALL THIS FOR ONLY 2K (for the 4-course indulgence). 

If you opt to pick and choose your delicious amuse-bouches (5 week modules), you’re looking at $555 each. 


But wait, It gets even better… 

I know that saying YES comes from a place of possibility and expansion. And that means having options to choose from. Here are yours:

For the full UNLEASHED experience: 

– a one-time payment of $2000

     – 3 monthly payments of $675

– 6 monthly payments of $350


For the Customized Archetype Experience (individual modules that can be stacked and combined):

– Each module is a one-time payment of $555

– Or 3 monthly payments of $185

The possibilities are limitless; the process is singular.


“Humble bow to you, dear Dana, for modeling your message so completely; and for leading us through this beautiful process.

And deep gratitude to the sisterhood that treated me with such tenderness as I emerged from my shell to reveal more of my authentic, raw, fierce, messy self. I am now spreading my message like a boss and amazing speaking opportunities are literally falling in my lap.”

Trish Fortune

Wellness Coach and Health Advocate


It’s time to come fully fucking ALIVE so that you can own your magic, stand in your power, and unleash that secret life of yours that’s been sitting on the sidelines for far too long. 


Get ready to:

– embody your leadership so that you can cultivate trust in your calling and the courage to answer it

– feel the energetic drive that will have you ditching endless analysis and deliberation

– arrive at clarity around your purpose and amplify the self-worth and sass to own it

– trust your inner knowingness so that you know your YES and follow it even if (“because”) it scares you

– source your creative energy so that you can birth your passion project and realize the height of your creative vision

– tap into your Inner Wild — your untamed radiant spirit that yearns to be expressed


Oh wait there’s more… 

fall in love with your body and cultivate your sensual energy so that you can receive and revel in deep pleasure and lasting joy

– be more present and lighthearted so that you can experience deep connection with your children

– find the energy and the rhythm that will have you prioritizing you (no more “shoulds” and “maybes”) when time is not on your side 

experience the freedom of unbridled self-expression so that you can harness that powerful shizz and bring a pulsating magnetic energy to everything you do (THIS is the magic-sauce when it comes to results)

And tap into it all when YOU want it, rather than just when “inspiration strikes”…


UNLEASHED  is a journey to a place of lush embodied wholeness, where you fall in love with the journey

This is absolutely NOT about doing more — as women, as creatives, as business-owners, as moms — there is no shortage of things ‘to do”


This is about BEING more.


It’s about self-sourcing your magnetic energy and embodying your whole, free, wild, glorious self. 




So that you can do the things, without spiralling in your head or abandoning any parts of yourself. 

I am still flying high

“I am still flying high, centered and on fire with allowing myself to discover who I am, to play, to enjoy and to relax inside, and feeling complete, which is truly the highest gift someone could give me. This was from just one session with Dana!!”

Maura Lynn Muhl

Entrepreneur and owner of Better Butter

You’re soul-inspiring. 

“Your spirit re-energizes us all! Your deep listening and responses that come from you tuning into a higher power are powerful and immeasurable.”

Jedda Bradley

Writer and Podcaster

This is not just a program. This is an initiation.

This is not a course where you learn about feminine archetypes; it’s an experience where you integrate them into your life so that you can transform the way you show up in the world, the way you relate to others, and most importantly, the way you relate to yourself.

I just dropped my first public song!!!

So much thanks to YOU!!! Before joining Dana’s program, I was hiding. Heck, I didn’t even sing to my toddler. The biggest revelation was that diving into my darker emotions and moving through them can activate my power and desire. Now I am stepping into the spotlight. Working with Dana has taught me to TAKE UP SPACE. And this has completely transformed my work, my motherhood, and my marriage. If you’re on the fence, jump over to the other side!”

Rachel Lowe

Mother, Singer!!

You will never be the same in the best way possible

“If you’re looking to POWER UP your life, your inner game, your relationships… Dana Inouye is such an inspiration and delight.”

Kayla Rose Yoder

Shamanic Priestess and Women’s Wellness Coach

Ok if you’re still reading this you’re a true fucking rockstar (love my long-form bitches, haha). Here’s your moment to take a deep breath and envision:

— a powerful ancient Jewish practice that ignites your inner fire ✨

— a soulful journey through music and dance to activate the full spectrum of your emotions so that you can open up to a truly expansive state 💃

— a passage to the dark side (rage circles and fear inventories) so that you can get to the other (empowered) side without all that shizz pulling you down 🤬

— deep mindset reprogramming backed by sensory embodied practices so that you’re not only ‘thinking’ different but ‘feeling’ different — and are finally able to attract the easy flow of abundance that you’ve been hearing about 🤩

We begin with what was: this is where we Remember.  

We move through what is: this is where we Release and Reclaim.

We arrive at what if: this is where we Rise into our limitless potential.  

Dana is a true prophetess. 

“I always feel like God speaks through you with all this brilliance. Your Flirt with Fear process is GOLD; I apply it to the women I photograph and love seeing them unleash their power.” 

Rachel Hadiashar

Portrait Photographer

Amazing!!!! What a difference to feel like I’m thriving! 

“Now I’m parenting as a part of my creative self expression instead of just being in survival mode as a mom. What a wonderful space you’ve created. I felt super connected to my vulnerability and knew it was a call to go where I don’t usually go which is powerful.  I’ll also say that I felt incredibly inspired & moved by the other women in the group and it definitely left me wanting MORE connection with my emotions now that I see a new way to use them in service of my higher purpose(s) in life.”

Kayla Rose Yoder

Divine Healer and Coach

UNLEASHED will have you not only FEELING more, but CREATING, and RECEIVING more. Because that’s how energy (and epic manifestation) works:


The DARK BITCH fuels



I have found my spark again!!!

“I feel empowered and confident in making life choices that mold the life I want to lead. Dana specifically worked with me on slowing down….not necessarily taking on less….but slowing down my approach. Leading my life and the tasks within with more intention. In return, I enjoy the process instead of feeling bogged down and stressed all of the time. I let go of so many pieces of myself that were holding me back and am now truly excited about life. Dana will ask you things that make you raise your eyebrows. Go along. Trust the process. It is soooo worth it.” 

Geena Larson

Dancer and Choreographer

You have the depth, authenticity, and power to bring out transformation in others that is rarely seen in coaches.

“You keep bringing us back to deeper powers within, reminding us that they are within. Bringing the body to be part of the process, to be listened to, to be moved.”

Jedda Bradley


This is your moment. 

Say Yes. 

Dip your toes.

Take the leap. 

It’s time to uncover ALL of you so that you can unlock MORE of you.

We start on July 10th with Desire Queen

You are going to rock peoples’ worlds with this!!

“I had a week of feeling in my most creative, compassionate, loving self after only one hour with you, where I was fully rising up and my soul was self-navigating. Get in fast!!!”

Jedda Bradley



“I always wanted to believe I was doing the right thing (as a mom and CEO) but deep down it wasn’t really gelling because something felt off. Now I get it … and just like that my toddler AND business have shifted, 100% for the better!”

Jenna Harrison

Mindset Coach

Hi, I’m Dana.

I’m dedicated to helping you access your truth and step into your power by tapping into the power of your emotions. I help you ignite your spark so that you can set the world on FIRE. 

I’m obsessed with paradox and poetry. I have a bent for lovingly pushing boundaries, digging deep, and making connections. I believe that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

F-bombs and dance parties always included.


If you need a boost of inspiration and creative thinking for your business, Dana is the real deal. 

“Dana has a beautiful way of helping you to unlock the obstacles that seem to be stopping you, and instead melding them into fuel to help you achieve your dreams! I can’t recommend her enough, she’s a brilliant coach.”

Joanne Murphy Ernst

Artist and Consultant

I am a different person!!

“Dana I wanted to thank you profoundly; You have created something so meaningful and valuable. I am now applying the anger exercises and lessons with my kids and I am finding that I can understand them on a deeper level, and am experiencing so much more tenderness and compassion — towards them AND towards myself. I had always felt mildly angry, and now I am a lighter happier version of myself.”

Lisa Simpkin