The Lean In Vlog

It’s crazy-making, the mom-life.

Sometimes you’ve gotta get a little insane in order to stay sane.

Because, in the wise words of Seal, “you’re never gonna survive unless you get a little crazy.”

The truth about F-Bombs

The truth about F-Bombs (and pretty much everything in life): it's all in the application.

I have it all

On having #allthethings motherhood -- the mess and the grace

Just “dual” it!

Why losing your sh*t is ok. When you lean into the madness, you're bound to catch a glimpse of the grace on the flip side.

I am

Living poetically, mom life.

No Facebook Lives

Here's why I don't do live videos: hint -- #themomlife the only interruption I didn't capture was the butt-wiping hollers.

Morning Routine

Journaling and meditating? Ain't no mama got time for that. Here's the routine that gets my #momlife energized.