There’s a flutter in your soul

A fire in your belly

You yearn to break free and run WILD

To FEEL deeply, to live boldly

To fuel the fire within


It’s your time, Wild One


Spring 2024

The Wild Woman, Unleashed Retreat Spring 2024 is an immersive embodied experience where we open ourselves up to be ravished by life itself.. It will be set against the glimmering Mediterranean Sea in the beautiful lush wildness of the island of Crete, Greece.


From exalted tears to robust laughter, from screaming your desires to whispering your truth, from rooting in pleasure to jumping for joy, this is an unBeComing and a rebirthing of your wildest truest most liberated self.


It’s time to get out of autopilot and grab the controls to pilot this wild and precious life.


Spots are limited – it will be an intimate and memorable adventure. The Waitlist is open – now is the time to say Yes to your ReWilding.

Hi I’m Dana..

I help rebellious creative visionaries live on purpose, feel on fire, and source their magnetic energy to bravely meet their calling, without spinning in circuitous mental loops or abandoning tender parts of themselves. 

I’m here to ignite your spark so that you can set the world on fire. 

I’m obsessed with paradox and poetry. I have a bent for pushing boundaries and making connections. I believe that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

F-bombs and dance parties always included.

Hi, I’m Jaime —

Adventurer, soryteller, photographer and intentional living advocate.

I support fellow soulful adventurers in creating extraordinary lives of vibrancy, connection and impact via curated transformational adventures and experiences.

I live in Greece full-time nourishing my soul, present with my desires and savoring this one juicy life.